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Initial D Arcade Stage

Few w0rds Aug 14
Odie says: Jobo hits 2'55'8 but mis-shifted the start for a possible easy 55'7 They'll be at star river renting machines and setting more records.

I'm heading to Vancouver now, possible shortage of updates ^_^
razorsuKe 4:38am

Wangan 2 Competition at Game Zone - Kwun Tong Aug 10
Jobo has arrived in HK and will meet up at 5pm but at 7:30pm, at the other side of HK, there will be a Wangan 2 competition. Looks like I'll have to dash between the 2 and drag Jobo with me. Watch this space for update later this week.
Odie 4:38am

News, NEWS, n3ws! Aug 8
A Windblade comeback! Skaction's hero and happo dominator BLUE has taken back Tsuchisaka IB Dry! After several dum springs, run after run, the man himself, blue, manages to seize this record back from P'zO Yuet.
Forum banner contest winner has been annouced, the #1 and #2 winners differed by only 1 vote. Keep watching the forums for their appearances.
1 battle vid added to the downloads section.
razorsuKe 4:57pm

Download Section Aug 5
A download section is now up! Files will be added from time to time so check back for new videos.
razorsuKe 8:30pm

Forums Banner Poll Aug 4
Poll Here <- click
Poll for the Forums banner now!
Top 2 wins, multiple entries count as 1.

CHANGE! also... ozzy changed his AIM contact info for the Special Stage Live Help on the right panel --->
razorsuKe 3:07am

Summer Battle Vid Aug 2
July battles! kishu (me, razorsuKe) in GDB vs GTR (Thief) in Evo4 on Akina Snow DH.
Link to vid: HERE
Camera is on the GDB.
razorsuKe 5:54am

Akagi DDH V Turn Force Quit Technique Aug 1
Force Quit into the cp3 checkpoint, rapidly decreasing your speed.
Is it faster?
Discuss or Watch
razorsuKe 3:18am

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