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Initial D Arcade Stage

Forum Banner Contest, More Teams and Promos July 30
Link to Contest
The current forums banner has been in use for about 3 years! Its time for a change and you can contribute!
Submit your designs in that thread and your design could be featured in the rotation of banners.
Dimensions: W-800 or less, H-100 or less.

2 New teams have been added to the team listings, Project This and Trueno Force. See Teams for details.

Now promoting:
Initial D Special Stage Live Help!
See the panel on the right for details --->
razorsuKe 5:15am

Shift Point Page UP! Calgary Rules~ July 26
Finally, taking much more time and effort than I anticipated, a shift point page is up with detailed guide on how to learn shift points.
Shift Points Link

Calgary dominates Canadian IR! Today Calgary has taken 17 Canada #1 records, totaling half of all records in Canada. Go Calgary~~ ^_^
The two records taken today were Myogi CCW Dry by W-IND member Winmx, his first Canadian record.
The 2nd record was a sloppy Usui CW Wet by me, I gotta give credit to DEAD from Vancouver though, setting that time 1 year ago with non-course car and probably without eraser is an excellent feat.
razorsuKe 3:13am Updates and Global news! July 25
Taromisaki hits 2'17'9 with EK9 on Happo OB! This amazing feat happened before 2 kishu member's eyes!
initial D arcade is now accepting FAQs! Please submit a link or your FAQ with the event form on the right side or post on the forums.
This week, will be getting more information upped and initial D arcade will feature a full guide on shift points, with some interesting facts and things to look out for, even for expert players.
#kishu is seeking servers, check forums for details or contact
initial D arcade will be seeking news admins, strict policy on who becomes a news admin will be applied.
Also Team submission requirements are stiffened - Team submitted must have website or be well known within the city or state.
razorsuKe 4:18am

Goldstar - Again! July 24
CKF does a fast Tsuchisaka IB with rx8 during his short break and then Taromisaki reaches his 18"0 with EK9. Meanwhile, other dull news... I am tuning up my ER34 and is now almost half done.
Odie 4:50am

Sad sad news... July 22
Today, Canada's 2fast got his wallet stolen with all his ID cards! 2Fast says he will not quit however, he has friends who can lend/give him some cards to use. But if you've ever lost cards before, you'd know that the will to play is usually lessened. *sigh.
2Fast still has some cards at home, version 2 cards.
Recently a spree of theft has been occuring at several arcades, remember to be careful with your belongings and don't get things stolen!
razorsuKe 3:40pm

World News July 18
[Link] Taromisaki posts his 18'1 happo ob, 17 is expected soon so watch out!
Expect some bigger updates very soon, site wise and event wise O_O...
razorsuKe 2:23am

Keeping up with Updates! July 17
Just finalizing some technicalities on the site and we will continue with regular updates!
If you notice to the right side, riptidearcade is being promoted, see their website for details.
Upcoming updates: Guide to shiftpoints (NOT just a list, this guide helps you understand tachometers and how to judge shift points just by looking at them)
Also coming up: Tournament Report, past tournies and how players placed in them, you always want to know so now we'll inform.
Now to shout some ID fans: BobAndGeorge and Odintu =D

Updated pages: New Teams added
razorsuKe 3:05am

Goldstar Special Event July 13
[background] Goldstar is the arcade of choice for ID pros in HK, located in the Tsim Sa Tsua region.

This weekend, CKF will be going for Akina again. He has since beaten his old record 2'54"989 by 0.010 last week, alas my video taking dongle ran out of battery long ago. His 2'54"979 run had a small tap on the fireworks and also a small graze on the final turn.... watch this space!!!!!
Odie 11:30am

A Very Canadian Update July 13
The Honorables! Our snoopy dog, type kishu, Odie! ^_^ and from Singapore, Falfen~~

First off, a formal welcome to all public viewers!
Special shoutouts to those in #kishu: sti_gilbe, excel, bbbc, J]-[un, holden, spl, and... if you're not idling right now, too bad! I forgot :P

News this week: Canada's top 2 players front! Jobo posted tsu ob 37, first in North America! Which lasted quite long until 2fast hit 37'6 after just 1 week of returning from a 6 month abscense. The focus has now shifted back to Akina where both sides are refusing to post new times until whichever reaches 55 first!
Meanwhile, I pull up my worst course, Akina, and join the 56 club ^_^.
Global news: CKF is starting some new tech and aiming for a goal of 54'7 on Akina's downhill.
razorsuKe 2:34am

World Events June 24
Usui CCW rx8 has recently been pushed to 2'45'9 by PzO. It might not be well known but Tsu IB is steadly becoming a new hotness in HK with a few people including Blue from Windblade running 37s. Expect some drama to be posted soon. As for some Canadian news, 2Fast has announced a revival for Team Unlimited. However, they are specializing in Wangan 2 now.
razorsuKe 11:06pm

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